Miss Púas

V. from Lima - Peru.

I have a passion for fashion, spikes, studs and black stuffs.

I have issues and a sick mind..

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Skull Crystal LED Door Knob


Skull Crystal LED Door Knob

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What happens when i try to make friends…

What happens when i try to make friends…

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This is heart breaking! No more Betsey Johnson fashion shows!! :(

She has filed for bankruptcy and most of her stores are gonna be closed! :(

Omg, she’s the one that made me decide years ago, once and for all to be a fashion designer, and i loooove her personality, she’s so strong, she fought cancer and won c’mon! and seems to be such a positive, shinny person. Wish i was like that. She’s the person who makes me like colors!

When you see most of her collections they are so bright, colorful and happy, it doesn’t look like me, it’s actually the opposity of what i design, but for me it’s like this… hey, it’s Betsey Johnson, no matter what she does i’m gonna love it, ‘cause it’s her! It’s Betsey Johnson! that 69 year old energetic woman with the crazy hair doing cartwheels at the end of her shows or even backstage, nothing can beat that <3

One of my favorite fashion show ever was the “He loves me/He loves me not” for fall/winter 2011. The first part of the show had regular models showing her “Black Tag” line, all with black wigs and a-ma-zing clothes. The second part of the show was for her “Pink Patch” line, it didn’t had models, it had real people! they were from her stuff, employees from her showrooms and stores… girls, guys (looove the last guy!), ladies and even a pregnant woman all looking like Betsey with blond wigs, but most of all looking like Betsey because of their spirit <3 you could tell how happy and excited they were to be there! i bet they never imagine they could be on a runway on Fashion Week! c’mon, but Betsey did it :D It was a very beautiful show, because of the clothes and because of the feeling. I’ve never seen a fashion show like this <3 and without Betsey’s shows i don’t think i’ll ever see it again. It fucking sucks :(

But this is definitely so not the end, she’s still gonna oversees her sportwear and accesories (i’m still dying for some Betseyville bags! :( ) and maybe we will see some fashion show, i don’t know, hope so!!

 AND i read she’s gonna have a reality show! I hope it’s true! :D

 So, I know she’s not gonna read this but i gotta say it… Love you always Betsey Johnson! and THANK YOU! <3 

I can totally relate

I can totally relate

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Me niego a ver una película donde actúe la pueblerina overrated de Scarlet Johannson o como se escriba. Y más aún si es la nueva modita, yo no me subo a trencitos. 

Yo quiero quemar esos trencitos…

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